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Wereking: The Leopards Unleashed Series

The Leopards Unleashed Series Book #2

Released Oct. 20th, 2014

About This Book


A lifetime of taking orders and being bullied by his mate, Brom douses the pain on a diet of alcohol and drugs. She proved to have more staying power in death than he ever feared while she was alive. As she haunts him from the recesses of his mind, he goes on a killing spree desperate to find someone who could lay waste to his six-foot five-inch frame.

Love had only led him down a path of destruction. The most important casualty was his daughter, MacKenzie, whose life he forever scarred. After a typical night of booze and an uncharacteristic one-night stand, he wakes up beside a human female. Brom gave up any notions of love long ago, nor did he think he was capable, but a human? Now that he’s finally got a foothold on patching things up with his daughter, he’s got to go through it all over again, with…

Siddhima (Sid) strolls through life, having escaped the confines of traditional marriage. That freedom hasn’t brought her any closer to happiness until an unwitting encounter with the King of Wereleopards. Their relationship is the ultimate disgrace, though, especially after the carelessness of unsafe sex. And when her powerful witch of a mother finds out, so does her patience run out.

But Sid can’t stop loving that were of hers. Nor can she stop her mother from doing what it takes to keep the two apart.