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Wereking: The Leopards Unleashed Series

The Leopards Unleashed Series Book #2

Released Oct. 20th, 2014

About This Book

A villain tries his paws at redemption…

A lifetime of being bullied by his recently deceased mate, Brom continues to be haunted by her. He goes on a killing spree desperate to find someone who could lay waste to his 3XL frame. After an uncharacteristic one-night stand with a human female, Brom questions his sanity anew.

Siddhima (Sid) strolls through life, skirting the confines of a traditional Indian marriage. Her association with a wereleopard is the ultimate disgrace to her mother, a powerful witch, especially after a night of unsafe sex. When danger forces Sid to depend on Brom, her mother will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

Wereking is a standalone book in a series. If you like heroines from exotic backgrounds who find love with Texas-bred alpha heroes, then you’ll love Wereking.

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