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Werelover: The Leopards Unleashed Series

The Leopards Unleashed Series

ISBN: 978-1508958819

About This Book

A leopard can’t change his spots…luckily, the heart is blind.

Trapped in a soul-damaging relationship, Doug seeks the forbidden comforts of a human again. The attraction is swift and when his heart latches on, he hopes that in due time she’ll accept him, wereleopard spots and all. Then, as Doug rises to power, the truth rears its ugly head…a human won’t fit into the picture.

A BBW in Hollywood, Eve doesn’t get asked out much. After a rocky start, she takes a chance on Doug until another man enters the picture. Doug refuses to walk away, though, and his identity won’t stay hidden. When Eve finally comes face-to-face with it, neither will hers.

Werelover is a standalone book in a series. If you like self-conscious yet sassy heroines, heroes with a particular taste in curvy women, then you’ll love Werelover.

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