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Annabel: The Original Reality Book Series

The Original Reality Book Series - Book 2

About This Book

My hopes are big. My expectations are bigger. But I have nothing to lose until I move in with Nick.

I am Annabel, and this is my Hollywood story . . .

The only pleasure I got from life in the Netherlands, I found in romance books. Those books, combined with a persistent desire to change my destiny, compelled me to move to Los Angeles and chase an unbelievable notion that has turned into my life’s ambition. But like all dreams, it will devastate me if I fail. It’s one of the oldest stories in the annals of Hollywood history. I want to meet my celebrity crush. And make him mine.

Nick thinks I’m silly, foolhardy, tenacious, yet he knows my mission won’t get far. That is until it does. Then he decides to give chase, but to what end? Instead of capturing me with his charm and compassion, he becomes enthralled himself.

On top of that, I’m too far gone to see the tropes for the trees. By the time I realize love is what makes our bond special, I may be too late to salvage even friendship.

Tags: Contemporary Romance, heat level 3.5, Real Person Fiction, Jenson Ackles – fandom, Supernatural RPF, Alternate Universe – Hollywood, slow burn, Actor RPF, Love Triangles, #feels, a few laughs, dog lovers, a dose of reality.