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Neesa: The Original Reality Book Series

Book 1 - The Original Reality Book Series

About This Book

You’re looking at the first reality book series. We call the heroes in our favorite romances “book boyfriends” for a reason; we want to be in the heroine’s shoes. Dina Haynes has created a new kind of novel that makes you the star of a fictional story, with the hero of your dreams. Neesa is the first. Will you be next?

Saying “No” just got infinitely harder.

It’s been three years since my last breakup and it was a doozy. I don’t want to embarrass myself, but I’ll be honest. I was stupid. And blind. I suffered a nervous breakdown and thus reset my standards for perfection. I can’t afford to make the same mistake again.
Enter Reuben. I like him. He likes me. He has stalker tendencies. Strike one. By his own admission, he’s a player of women. Strike two. Plus, I’ve seen his jealous side. That’s three strikes, but I can’t. Stop. Myself. When his broken soul whispers to my broken heart, a new language is born.

This Netflix-and-chill era is made for guys like Reuben. Hired to investigate Neesa, he stumbles upon an unpicked flower in a city full of them, and he’s relished more than his fill. All of them empty encounters that left him jonesing for his next fix.

Not with Neesa. The more she resists his charms, the more he fights to earn her love. But first, he’ll have to confess a secret. One with consequences dire enough to shatter his world. And hers.

This is a sexy contemporary romance with suspenseful elements featuring a bad boy alpha and a multi-cultural independent woman. A tale of opposites attract with a heavy dose of reality. Buy this book now and sign up inside at