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Safety Off: An Erotic Contemporary Romance Trilogy Box Set

About This Book

Part 1:
Vera is searching for love online when she gets “catfished” by a guy much too young for a single mother of two. He texts her an unsolicited dirty picture meant to entice and…it doesn’t. Overt sexual maneuvers between strangers is a big red flag until her best friend convinces her to turn the tables on the guy. Finally, something that works. The player gets played, and Vera gets l__d!
Scott, bored with the usual prospects, is looking for an experience with a more seasoned kind of girl. He only wants a visitor’s pass, though. And when Vera gives him exactly that, she leaves him pining for more.

Part 2:
Scott grew up in the Hispanic section of East Los Angeles. He escaped a life of gangs and poverty to pursue his dreams of acting. And to some he is successful. But none of it makes him happy. Vera, much to his surprise, does…
It was supposed to be an experiment, something to shake Vera out of her rut, when a one-night-stand turns into…dating. She’s making progress with her trust issues, but he’s keeping a secret. One that sends a criminal gunning for her.

Part 3:
Vera’s quest for love comes full circle. She learns that age is no reason to give up on a relationship. And neither is a single lie. But when that lie almost gets her killed, it puts a few things into perspective. And not the way you might think.
Scott thought his life was in order until an unexpected tragedy shatters his world. He switches career paths and holds tight to a new philosophy that love heals all wounds. But can it overcome death, too?