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Wereking: Leopards Unleashed Series Book 2

Leopards Unleashed Series Book 2

About This Book

A villain tries his paws at redemption…

After what I’ve done, it doesn’t seem plausible. Talk about fear and loathing in Los Angeles. But since my daughter is the only family I have left, this could be my last chance to get it right. That’s when I stumble upon the most unlikely match in the most unlikely circumstance.

A traditional Indian marriage won’t suit a young woman born and bred in LA. The tall, dark, and oversized hunk Siddhima (Sid) wakes up to one morning could make her rethink things. Like, if only he were Indian. Or human, for that matter.

She can’t possibly see him again.

But she does. And when her mother finds out? She’ll make Sid choose between her family…and family.

Wereking is 99,000 words, the second book in a  paranormal romance series. It’s a mashup between Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels and Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series (the early books), sexy and sinister at the same time. If you like heroines who find love with Texas-bred, alpha-antiheroes, then you’ll love WerekingStart reading NOW with Wereleper for under a dollar, and read the next two in order: Wereking and Werelover.