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Wereleper: Leopards Unleashed Series Book 1

Leopards Unleashed Series Book 1

About This Book

I didn’t sign on to be a rebel… I was born one.

Cast out long ago for being a freak amongst my own kind, a wereleopard hiding in human society is risky at best. Not to mention illegal. But I wasn’t given a choice. How ironic that when I step foot back into my native world, it all starts to crumble around me.

A mysterious man stalks MacKenzie out in the open. He seems dangerous because, like her, he comes across as “other.” Ramone is a werehunter on a mission. Finding love wasn’t part of the deal. And as the bounty rises, he is forced to surrender her. The key to her freedom is in the past, but first he must unlock her memories of how it all began.

Wereleper is 95,000 words, the first book featuring connected characters in a paranormal romance series. It’s kind of a mashup between Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels and Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series (the early books), sexy and sinister at the same time.

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