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Werelover: The Leopards Unleashed Series

The Leopards Unleashed Series

ISBN: 978-1508958819

About This Book

A leopard can’t change his spots. Luckily the heart is blind… Or is it?

Trapped in a soul-crushing relationship, I can’t bear the competition and barter methods of my species anymore. I won’t find what I’m looking for at home. But I also know better than to seek the forbidden comforts of a human. Not again. The last one didn’t survive the experience.

A BBW in Hollywood, Eve doesn’t date much. So when love sidles up, caution is the name of the game. Doug may have cover model looks, but his secrets she can’t abide. His identity won’t stay hidden, though. And when she finally comes face-to-face with it…neither will hers.

Werelover is a standalone book of 77,000 words featuring connected characters in a paranormal romance series. The sexiness is off the charts in this one. If you like self-conscious yet sassy heroines and heroes with a taste for curvy women, then you’ll love Werelover.

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