In 5…4…3, 2, 1… BOOK LAUNCH!!!

werelovercvrTomorrow’s the day! Friday, March 20th you can start downloading the 3rd book in The Leopards Unleashed Series.

I’m so excited for you all to read Doug’s story. You met him in the first book, where he tried so hard to be there for MacKenzie in her time of need. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from readers, wondering if Doug would finally get a break from his over-possessive mistress, Miranda. The only way to find out is to continue the saga. *tease* I know it’s cruel, but I like it.

You’ll also run into Eve again. She’s the character you love to love in the first half of book #2, Wereking, until things take a downturn. As Siddhima’s fast-talking best friend, who always tells the vomitous truth, Eve is always by her side. Especially when things go from weird to bad, and finally worse.

In Werelover, after years of turning back the clock on her virginity, she finds herself having more choices than she can wrap her curly fro around. Two men who draw her past up to the surface like a night of bad seafood. She will have to face it head on. At least, if she wants to save her rocky friendship with Siddhima AND end up with the guy. Preferably just one.

Here’s a teaser from the story to whet your appetite…



And then, of course, the blurb…

Doug has tried to distance himself from a female who killed an innocent to keep him from leaving. Years later, he is still trapped and her threats have riddled his mind with self-hate. Now, he seeks the forbidden comforts of a human again. The attraction is swift and as his heart latches on, he hopes that in due time she’ll accept him, wereleopard spots and all.

When his brother comes to town, he offers Doug a plan that will shift his life for the better. As Doug starts to gain power and embody the male his father always expected of him, the truth rears its ugly head… A human won’t fit into the picture.

As a BBW in a city full of Botox faces, slight figures, and silicone peaks, Eve doesn’t get asked out much. She meets Doug on an animal lover’s dating site and can’t believe her luck, at first. After a long and rocky start, she takes a chance on Doug, despite his unresolved girlfriend issues. When another man enters the picture, though, she begins to second-guess her choice.

But she doesn’t know the whole story yet.

Doug refuses to walk away from her and his truth won’t stay hidden. When Eve finally comes face-to-face with it, neither will hers.

For those of you who have not started the series yet, the first book is still FREE on Amazon. Click the link on the right and start reading today!

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