Neesa: Real In Life And On The Pages

Preorder For Neesa: The Original Reality Book Series Is Ticking down 

I’m so excited to share this new reality book series with you. Neesa is a new take on the romance novel. I’ve been on pins and needles since I first came up with the concept back in 2016, and now it has become a reality. Ha! Pun intended.

Creating stories with my best friend back in college was how I got bitten by the writing bug in the first place. Having my friend craft a story featuring me as the protagonist, with the hero of my dreams (whichever celebrity I had been crushing on at the moment) was an experience I couldn’t quite get with a regular romance novel. It’s my pleasure to share this with all the romance readers out there.

We call the heroes in our favorite romances “book boyfriends” for a reason; we want to be in the heroine’s shoes. Neesa was the first. When she signed up, what struck me was the fact that she is Native American. I’ve never read a modern day heroine with that background. That’s not to say they haven’t been written, but I was excited to depict a character from a more marginalized group. And, she suffers from hypoglycemia. Incorporating this flaw into the character was both a welcome challenge and trait I hope many readers will be able to sympathize with.

Each story will be different, but connected. I will weave the heroine for the next book into the current story. What that means is you will find the star of Book 2 within the pages of Neesa. Pick up the first book now, while it’s at a discounted price, and see if you can figure out who the next lucky heroine is.

How about a little teaser?

Saying “No” just got infinitely harder.

It’s been three years since my last breakup and it was a doozy. I don’t want to embarrass myself, but I’ll be honest. I was stupid. And blind. I suffered a nervous breakdown and thus reset my standards for perfection. I can’t afford to make the same mistake again.

Enter Reuben. I like him. He likes me. He has stalker tendencies. Strike one. By his own admission, he’s a player of women. Strike two. Plus, I’ve seen his jealous side. That’s three strikes, but I can’t. Stop. Myself. When his broken soul whispers to my broken heart, a new language is born.

This Netflix-and-chill era is made for guys like Reuben. Hired to investigate Neesa, he stumbles upon an unpicked flower in a city full of them, and he’s relished more than his fill. All of them empty encounters that left him jonesing for his next fix.

Not with Neesa. The more she resists his charms, the more he fights to earn her love. But first, he’ll have to confess a secret. One with consequences dire enough to shatter his world. And hers.

Neesa is a sexy contemporary romance with suspenseful elements featuring a bad boy alpha and a multi-cultural independent woman. A tale of opposites attract with a heavy dose of reality. Buy this book now, and sign up at

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