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Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmakwanzakah Blog Hop! I’m excited to share a snippet of my character’s lives with you. I noticed a few of these stories are about a girl named Eve. Well, mine is from London, so hopefully she stands out from the crowd in that respect. The 3rd installment of my Leopards Unleashed Series will tell her full story. Look for it next year in a March 2015 release. If you would like a friendly reminder, sign up for my newsletter.

Before you read any further, I’d like to thank Julia Kelly and Alyssa Cole for allowing me to take part in this event. Don’t stop here, though. Please check out the other wonderful holiday stories.

 *** Adult Content ***


‘Tis The Season To Remember

 A Leopards Unleashed Short Story

 © 2014 Dina Haynes


Eve peeked inside the window, eager for the previous tenant to arrive and show her the apartment. She knew rounding the corner at the end of the street that this was the place for her and Bosco. She had an odd affinity for all things small. Her dog was small, her car was small, and hopefully she’d land this small bungalow apartment.

A Volkswagon GTI pulled into the driveway. When the lady hopped out, a little French Bulldog tore off in Eve’s direction, a streak of red. He stopped in front of Bosco, her Pug, and she noticed they both had holiday sweaters on. Bosco’s proclaimed “Bah Humpug!” while the Frenchie’s said “Paw Humbug!” You have got to be shittin’ me. They couldn’t be more alike.

While the dogs buried their noses in each other’s butts, the woman put her hand out. “You must be Eve.”

She was shorter than Eve but almost as curvy. Eve liked her quiet grace, but the intensity behind her eyes seemed dangerous.

“Yeah, that’s me. MacKenzie, right? I like the way you conduct business. Rents can get so bloody high, we renters have to look out for each other.”

“It’s been empty ever since I got mate—married. I’ve had a housecleaner tend to it, though. Hopefully, it’s not too dusty, otherwise I’ll have to fire her.” Eve’s eyebrows went up. “That’s a joke.”

“Oh.” She burst out in laughter. “You never know these days.”

As they moved up the step to the front door, Eve thought her London accent felt loud and brash compared to MacKenzie’s smooth and edgy tone.

MacKenzie opened the door and turned back to Eve, her brow slightly creased with confusion. “You from London?”

“Yeah. I get that reaction a lot. I’m bi-racial. Me mum was black and me dad…” Just the mention of her father sent her mind reeling back to the past, a place she had avoided a lot lately. “Well, he weren’t.”

The dogs scampered inside, already the best of friends. MacKenzie stood staring at Eve, her confusion replaced by concern. “You, too, huh?”

Eve snapped back to reality and looked up. “Wha—?”

“Deadbeat dad?”

“Oh.” She looked down at her gloved hands. “That doesn’t bloody cover it. It’s cold out here. Maybe we should go inside.” Her voice went up an octave, trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m not much of a showman,” MacKenzie said with a smirk. “Have a look around and tell me what you think.”

Eve thanked her and explored the partially furnished apartment. The living area opened to the dining and kitchen where there was a back entrance. She turned to MacKenzie who was watching her with interest. “I like the doggie door. That’s a lovely touch, there.”

She walked back to the living room and hooked right down a short hallway with a storage closet then further into the bedroom and through to the bathroom. The tub was too small for her to bathe in, but she liked that it was separate from the shower and done in the vintage 30’s style, green colored tile with black trim.

Glancing in the mirror above the sink, she tugged at a few curls in her fro when Bosco ran into the bathroom and practically skidded to a halt. He was out of breath and hassling with an excited look on his face. “You like it, Bo?” He yipped in appreciation when the French Bulldog ran up beside him and nipped at his face. They took off into the main room and Eve yelled after them. “You know he doesn’t come with the place, you silly mutt!”

MacKenzie was leaning against the wall when Eve joined her in the living room. “If I move in, you might have to bring your dog ‘round. What’s his name?”

“Chunk. So, you’re still undecided?”

“Not really, but I’ll have to know the price first.”

MacKenzie stood silent, giving Eve a good once-over. “So, you’re a writer, huh?” she said.

“Yeah, a screenwriter. I work for that famous show, the one about zombies? It’s a bit morbid, but it pays the bills.” MacKenzie nodded. “And I just sold a movie script, so that’s as much job security as you can get in this business. I’m single, so no bloke drama. You know how it is in L.A. Or, maybe not seein’ as you’re one of the lucky ones got married.”

Eve was surprised to get a smile from the woman who had been hard to read up until this point. “I like you. The rent is $1250 with the furniture if you want it. Does that work for you?”

Eve’s jaw dropped. “Bloody hell, you’re havin’ a laugh!”

She laughed out loud this time then quickly mastered her reaction. “Uh, no. It’s rent controlled, and I lived here for a long time before I moved.”

“Blimey. You’re doin’ me a right turn with that. That’s amazin’.”

“If you want, you can pay your rent to me, that way you won’t have to put a deposit down and just move in. The utilities are extra, but I can give you the monthly totals and you can add it on to the rent.”

Eve grasped her chest. “You had me at $1250. Yeah, that’d suit me just fine. And the furniture is great.”

They worked out the details and Eve walked her out to the car. “Here are the keys.” MacKenzie dropped them into her hand then snapped her fingers at Chunk and he jumped into her car.

“Don’t mean to be a bother,” Eve said, and MacKenzie stopped and turned around, “but I was curious. With no one else here to look at the place, why’d you pick me?”

MacKenzie’s mouth opened then paused. “I don’t know. I guess you remind me of myself when I moved in here years ago. Anyway, my… er, husband is super picky. He did a background check on you. If you want to thank someone, you should thank him.”

She slid behind the driver’s seat and closed the door. As Eve scooped Bosco up in her arms, MacKenzie started the engine and began to pull out. Then, she slowed to a stop and rolled down the window. It seemed like a minute passed before she said anything. “I grew up a lot while I lived here. Life threw me some curves and… well, I’m better for it. I hope you have the same fortune.”

With that, she pulled the rest of the way out and sped off. Eve stood there, shaken, and wondered what she meant by that. But the cold weather plus the excitement of getting her dream apartment convinced her to drop the train of thought. She had a lot of planning to do.


* * *

Eve finished moving in after five days. Luck was on her side as she sold her furniture quickly. She even found time to buy her first Christmas tree. Having a larger space put her in an uncharacteristic festive mood. The holidays were something other people celebrated since she had no family to speak of. It surprised her how good it felt to decorate.

The smell of pine was comforting and the soft lights flickered off the tree, lulling her into a premature sleepy state. She tossed on to her side, her face smooshed into the couch, and drifted. Between the cushions, she detected a familiar scent that she couldn’t place. Her brain worked to formulate a reasonable connection to identify the smell. It wasn’t her couch and, yet, she remembered her face being buried in that scent before.

She was back in her old Koreatown apartment. A heavy weight pressed down on her and she found it hard to breathe as she reached up and swept the hair out of her face. The man on top of her pressed his rigid shaft against her groin and grazed his teeth along her neck. She gasped.

He laced his fingers with hers and dragged her hands above her head. He held her with his gaze as he rubbed his cock over her clit, creating an intoxicating friction below, even through their jeans.

She arched her back and her hips started a scooping motion, desperate to complement the rhythm he had started. He covered her lips with his and sucked at her tongue in languid strokes, taking her breath away. Soon, their tongues and bodies undulated in a synchronized wave from groin to mouth.

Time skipped ahead in the dream and they were naked as he kneeled above her, their moans and gasps filling the air. She placed a hand on his rippled stomach as he drove his cock over her clit, spreading their combined moisture over her sex. She knew this man. His skin was tan and his hair dark blonde, the opposite from her dark, loose-curled fro and latte-colored skin. His muscles hard and pronounced against her soft womanly curves.

“Doug.” She called out his name on a gasp, making it sound like a plea.

Light flashed behind his eyes and his mouth fell open, revealing tiny sharp canines on top and bottom. The breath whooshed out of her in shock. She looked down between their bodies just as the head of his cock disappeared between her folds. He arched his back and when she looked up, his face was closing in and he kissed her. His cock pierced her core as his tongue invaded her mouth, muffling her guttural moan.

She gasped at the intrusion as he filled her mouth completely then sucked her bottom lip and withdrew. She felt a sharp pain and tasted blood.

Panic flooded Eve, but it conflicted with the pleasure he gave her as he pumped the hard ridges of his cock inside her sensitized flesh. Her hand over his abdomen didn’t slow the assault as his speed kicked up, bringing them both close to the edge.

He sat back on his heels, then, and gripped her legs behind the knees to spread them wide while he drove his hips into her core. Eve grabbed the metal frame of the daybed as her body jerked up with each thrust. She focused on the sensual wave of his torso while he licked his lips at the sight of her ample breasts bouncing up and down.

Was that a growl?

He began to pant, his rhythm faltered, and his eyes pinned Eve to the spot as his orgasm broke free. He threw his head back and roared as tawny fur exploded in a wave over his entire body. When his head fell forward again, he was unrecognizable with rounded ears, a short muzzle, and leopard spots over his forehead and cheeks.

Eve let out a scream and clawed at the air until she heard barking.

She awoke scrambling to sit up and fell off the couch. Her eyes searched the room, frantic. She thought she was still in the dream but quickly realized she was in her new apartment.

The floor felt cool to her heated skin as she tried to catch her breath. Bosco’s face appeared above hers and he started licking her nose.

“Oy, mutt,” she said, breathless.

She threw an arm over her forehead, found it damp, then looked over at the couch with an accusing glare.

“What the bloody hell was that.” She shivered. It had been months since she’d seen Doug and they never had sex before.

And he was human.

Then a nugget from her past bubbled up. In flashes, she remembered an attack. She was thirteen and he was a monster. With no mother to care for her, she was as good as dead. Eve’s heart began to pound in her chest. There was a reason she didn’t go poking around in her past. She hadn’t considered what to do if the past came looking for her.

Eve shook off the memory, buried it back down in her subconscious where it belonged, and looked at Bosco. “I gotta’ chuck that sofa.”


Hope you enjoyed meeting Eve and MacKenzie and, of course, their dogs. If you want to read their full stories, you can purchase Book #1, Wereleper (FREE on iTunes and Kobo, 99¢ on Amazon and B&N) and Book #2, Wereking, here on my website.

Happy Holidays!

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