Dina Haynes


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Reviews from readers . . .

“This is my first book from Dina that I have read, but upon reading the description, it had me intrigued.... I'm glad I decided to one-click this baby, Dina has given us a unique view on shifters. If you're a paranormal lover, you should definitely grab yourself a copy.”
Kristy Heinicke
Amazon Reviewer
“I am addicted to the Leopard Series!!! Another five star from me. I loved it from beginning to end and I can't get enough! Need more!!!”
Tina E. Williams
Amazon Reviewer
“Loved it! Neesa and Ben have amazing chemistry which makes for some steamy scenes, which paired nicely with the intriguing storyline that kept me guessing what would happen next. This was my first Dina Haynes book but it won't be my last!”
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