Thank you so much for visiting Dina Haynes’ website! She started her spiritual journey many…many years ago. She had been miserable and depressed for so long until one day she watched an episode of Oprah with Deepak Chopra about the Law of Attraction. Something just clicked!

Exploring law of attraction has been a passion of hers for decades now. Lately, she’s been immersed in Abraham Hicks as well as Neville Goddard techniques. She no longer questions whether manifestation really works because she knows it does.

Dina cheated on her lackluster acting career in favor of doing more “character” work and has been writing romance ever since. She is also the author of two book series, one a paranormal romance called Leopards Unleashed Series, and the other a contemporary romance called The Reality Book Series. She lives in the bustling city of Los Angeles where potential characters pop off the streets and land on her pages. Join her BFFs (Book Friends Forever) newsletter to keep up to date on her new releases and author news.

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